Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Steph and James' Proposal Story

So, we are finally getting around to blogging about it. Being engaged is hard work! haha!

James planned a surprise adventure for the two of us after an extremely busy few weeks. After a three hour drive to Saratoga Springs, we went to a creperie for lunch, and then pulled up to the most gorgeous Bed and Breakfast, a 19th century carriage house. I kid you not, I cried when I saw it, the place was amazing! The room featured the original 19th century wood ceiling and the furniture was from the early 1800s.

From adventures in NYC to DC to museums, aquariums, parks, and beaches I expected nothing extraordinary from this particular weekend away. After settling in, James asked me if I was enjoying our current adventure to which I said I was... I was still teary-eyed from the beauty of the area. Then James said, "Stephanie will you spend the rest of your life going on adventures with me?" and I said yes! ! After slipping a gorgeous ring on my finger we enjoyed a bottle of champagne in front of the fireplace. After I stopped crying we went to dinner where James had made reservations at an amazing restaurant. To make the evening even more special, we were lone diners in a sea of gorgeous candle light. We ended the evening at an Irish pub with a live Irish band and some good beer.

Talk about an adventure we will always remember!

A perfect proposal for us! We have talked on this blog about having a proposal that suits the couple, and for us this worked. B&Bs, adventures, and Irish pubs are very significant parts of our relationship.

For those of you who are curious about our wedding, we will be blogging about the process on another blog and will have the URL soon. It looks like it will be August or September 2011.

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  1. what a great proposal!! have a blast planning the wedding, because the actual day will go by so fast you will not remember any of it.