Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chris and Jaclyn

Jaclyn and Chris had plans to go down to Belmar, NJ on that Saturday night for a walk on the beach and dinner. The weather that day was amazing! Chris was acting strange the whole day. He claimed to be at the laundromat for 3 hours and Jaclyn believed him (he was really getting the ring set, talk about last minute)!! The couple did some errands together and then Chris informed Jaclyn that he was going to play basketball with his best friend Erik. Jaclyn was so mad, because she hardly gets to see Chris during the week and he was going to play basketball!??!

However, Chris wasn't playing basketball at all! He was really going down to Jaclyn's parents' house to ask for her permission in marriage. Immediately Jaclyn's parents thought something was wrong or something bad had happened, but Chris showed them the ring and the tears started. Of course, both Jaclyn's mother and father gave Chris permission. Chris also asked Jaclyn's parents if they would be present when he proposed. He told them the time and location, and they agreed.

Chris then rushed home and told Jaclyn to be ready by 6pm. Jaclyn was even more mad now, because she had to rush an get ready and didn't know why. The two arrived at Belmar boardwalk, 10th Ave, at exactly 6pm and started their walk. Chris kept telling Jaclyn to "look at the waves" or "look at the birds". Jaclyn didn't understand why he was making stupid conversation. Later she found out that Jaclyn's parents had parked right on the boardwalk and he didn't want her to see their car.

As Jaclyn and Chris got to 17th Ave, Chris decided the two would turn back. At this point, Chris asks Jaclyn if she wanted to go down on the beach. She agreed and the couple started to make their way down to the water. As they turned the corner, Jaclyn saw her mother and father standing there with cameras. She was so confused and claimed her parents were "stalking" her. No one said anything to her, and she could see her parents tearing up. Jaclyn then realized what was going on. Chris asked if Jaclyn could turn around. She turned around to find Chris on one knee with a beautiful ring in the middle of the boardwalk, at sunset. Seriously perfect! The rest is a little bit blurry, I just remember putting the ring on and saying yes!

The Key to My Heart <3

Give away the key to your heart.

You will need a necklace box (including the cardboard insert), a key on a string, and the ring.

Easy option: Purchase a key necklace. Check out this one or amazon. If the necklace does not come in a jewelry box you can easily purchase one from a jewelry store or online. (See below, Tiffany & Co sells keys!)

If you are a bit more crafty follow this idea:

You can purchase a necklace box at most jewelry stores or you can ask your female friends and family members if they have one laying around. You will need to either find a pretty key or set of keys OR you can purchase something like this. If you are using your own pretty key (you can find these at craft or antique stores or garage sales) I would recommend stringing it through a really pretty piece of ribbon or twine. (Again look at a craft store or you might have something laying around or ask around. Fancy foods come wrapped in ribbon, so do towels, blankets, and pjs.)

After you present the gift box you can use a line that includes "the key to my heart" and "will you marry me?" OR I love the idea of also including a slip of paper in the jewelry box that says "will you marry me?" All you have to do is insist that she take the ring necklace out of the box.

As with most of this blog's ideas (except for James and Steph's proposal story of course), James comments to be sure that you know your intended fiance. Use your best judgment; you have to decide whether she will find this extremely romantic or kinda lame.

***UPDATE: Tiffany & Co. now sells keys! They are lovely and romantic, and I personally love anything that comes in a little blue box, check them out here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Timming is Everything

Kids, be mindful of your proposal date. Proposing right before mid-terms or in between huge events or projects at work can be hell for both of you. I had no idea how much time James and I were going to spend talking on the phone, going out with people, and writing emails after our engagement. Of course I loved it all... BUT it was a super hectic time for me at work and since he did it on a vacation I felt as though I had a million things to do when I got back to the office. I would suggest enlisting a friend if you are nervous or taking a peak at their google calendar, blackberry, or planner.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We want to hear your proposal story

Send them to us at

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies

We love doggies. A few months ago I fell in love with a King Charles puppy at a local pet store. James spent weeks thinking about stringing my engagement ring around the puppy's collar. He wanted to surprise me with the puppy and what a surprise it would have been to pick it up and notice the ring! I would have died. James ultimately decided that another dog would have been a huge commitment and something he and I had to discuss at length. We want to get another pup in the future, maybe in a few months he will surprise me with one ;)

** readers beware: you better be damn sure your intended fiance wants a pet.

We Love Wine

James admits that if he had given more time to our proposal, he would have proposed using a customized bottle of wine. As you know, he proposed in upstate NY and while planning the weekendfound this great winery not too far from where we were staying. They can customize the labels on bottles of wine to say anything you might want. They can even include a picture of the two of you!! Readers beware: they have limited off-season hours and can take weeks to create that special something for your special someone.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Steph and James' Proposal Story

So, we are finally getting around to blogging about it. Being engaged is hard work! haha!

James planned a surprise adventure for the two of us after an extremely busy few weeks. After a three hour drive to Saratoga Springs, we went to a creperie for lunch, and then pulled up to the most gorgeous Bed and Breakfast, a 19th century carriage house. I kid you not, I cried when I saw it, the place was amazing! The room featured the original 19th century wood ceiling and the furniture was from the early 1800s.

From adventures in NYC to DC to museums, aquariums, parks, and beaches I expected nothing extraordinary from this particular weekend away. After settling in, James asked me if I was enjoying our current adventure to which I said I was... I was still teary-eyed from the beauty of the area. Then James said, "Stephanie will you spend the rest of your life going on adventures with me?" and I said yes! ! After slipping a gorgeous ring on my finger we enjoyed a bottle of champagne in front of the fireplace. After I stopped crying we went to dinner where James had made reservations at an amazing restaurant. To make the evening even more special, we were lone diners in a sea of gorgeous candle light. We ended the evening at an Irish pub with a live Irish band and some good beer.

Talk about an adventure we will always remember!

A perfect proposal for us! We have talked on this blog about having a proposal that suits the couple, and for us this worked. B&Bs, adventures, and Irish pubs are very significant parts of our relationship.

For those of you who are curious about our wedding, we will be blogging about the process on another blog and will have the URL soon. It looks like it will be August or September 2011.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snowy proposals

Take advantage of Mother Nature by using a spray can or bottle to pop the question on the front lawn or drive way or at a local park.

You can either buy some eco-friendly spray paint or you can do what my mom used to do when I was younger. Take an old spray bottle (think Windex or hair spray) and fill it with water and food coloring. Then spray "Will you marry me?"in the snow.

I could see this working a few ways.

#1: Set it up in a local park and take them for a walk (having a dog is a great excuse)

#2: Wake up early before they leave for work and set it up. Be standing in the door way so you can be there when s/he sees it!

#3: Come home early from work, set it up, and then have them pull into the drive way. You can be standing in the drive way or door (with the advent of cell phones it is very easy to give them a call to see when they will be coming home. This idea would be totally perfect if your intended is getting off early from work because of a snow day... because then you can spend the rest of the day together. Snow is very romantic.

I recommend having something lovely set-up inside as well. You could have wine and dinner waiting in the kitchen. You could have hot chocolate and dessert in the living room. You could have flowers and candles prepared in the bedroom.

Cheap and super easy =)

At the Airport (not the airplane)

I travel frequently, but rarely with my significant other. He does however pick me up at the gate fairly often. I am usually emotional after a long flight and time away from the comforts of him and our hound, Vanessa.

Cost: about $2 and the cost of the ring.

Time needed: 10 minutes? (trip to CVS and writing "Will you marry me?" on the poster.

I imagine you are planning on picking up your significant other from the airport anyway so bring the poster and make sure to get to the gate a little early. You need to get there before they do. When they see the sign get down on one knee if you chose. If they are not expecting you to pick them up, the surprise factor mixed with the proposal will be an awesome story and totally memorable.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cookies =)

You can get some cookies from a local bakery made up to say "Marry me" A yummy treat and oh so lovely =)

Totally easy because you can give it at anytime, with very little planning. Put the ring in the box with the treats or present it as they open the box.